1. Check out a selection of approved merchandise designs I completed over the last month for Queens of the Stone Age. loads of new work over on www.fuggartdesign.com


  2. Anonymous said: i'd love to see your process on how you tone and texture things, something which is always consistent and top notch quality in your work

    I get a lot of requests for process videos… i may get around to it one day when I have some free time to spare! glad you are a fan of how I do things


  3. Anonymous said: what program did you build your website on? looks clean and i want to learn html / website building etc

    I have an in house web developer called Josh who coded it up for me! check out his band I divide


  4. Anonymous said: you should totally do process tutorials and show how you do things, top work all the time

    thanks dude is there anything particular you would like me to show my process for? I’d love to do it but I never know what to show myself doing.

  5. I need this for my wall in the office

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  6. tumblrbot said: ROBOTS OR DINOSAURS?



  7. Tumblr Was Hacked

    Hi followers. I’m really sorry about the spammy posts… my profile must have been hacked last night but I’ve changed the password now. 

    I noticed it on a few other profiles so hopefully Tumblr will crack down on whoever is causing it.

    new website will be live soon www.fuggartdesign.com


  8. Hello Tumblr folk

    I don’t post on here a lot but this time it seemed appropriate.

    I am currently building a thicker portfolio of tumblr built websites mainly for bands at the super discounted rate of £120.

    This includes custom background/header/navigation/pages/widgets/footer etc. It will be just like a normal website except powered by tumblr so you can use it the same as a normal tumblr too.

    If you are interested please e-mail tom@fuggartdesign.com

    This is a short term deal and the price goes up at the end of October.


  9. haven’t posted on here in a long time. Here is a poster I made this week. Check out my new website www.fuggartdesign.com

  10. nice.

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